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Theraputic After School Day Treatment

Theraputic After School Day Treatment (TDT) is an intensive after school program for children and adolescents having difficulty managing their socioemotional and/or behavioral problems to the degree that they are in danger of academic failures, repeated suspensions or expulsions, alternative school placements, judicial system involvement, or hurting themselves and/or others. In TDT, there are Qualified Mental Health Professionals assigned to students to guide them in achieving the goals from the individual service plan (ISP). The treatment involves initial and ongoing assessments of mental health problems, and associated interventions and recommendations, collaboration with family members and/or teachers, individual and group counseling, resource linking, and crisis stabilization.

These services are available in elementary and middle school. Treatment goals include (but not limited to) improving self-control, coping skills, self-understanding, social skills, patience, medication compliance, and mood and overall stability.   Students enrolled in this program will receive extra support and learn new skills with the goal of having fewer problems with behavior, attendance, and disciplinary issues.


*Here2help provides transportation, meal and snack

Mental Health Skill Building

Mental Health Skill-building (MHSB) is a community-based service for individuals who struggle with independent living due to mental illness. The service is aimed to assist these individuals to either be able to live safely in the community with continued assistance or to move towards increasing levels of independence.  QMHP’s assist their consumers with arranging and attending appointments, connecting with mental health, employment, and/or educational resources and opportunities, and even learning how to better take care of themselves such as by supporting their learning how to cook, clean, handle money, shop, and remain medication compliant. Some of our MHSB consumers additionally require parenting support. Consumers receiving this service generally have moderate to severe life impairments due to illnesses including, but not limited to, psychotic, mood, and/or anxiety disorders. Many of these consumers are also dually diagnosed with substance abuse problems.